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Saturday 22nd April

'Print & Stitch' with Debs Munford

A creative workshop allowing you to experiment with a range of different printing blocks and stencils on a variety of fabrics and papers. 

The morning is spent on discovering the techniques that can be used and instruction on design. In the afternoon, you will create a decorative collage using hand stitch and beading. 

10:00 - 4:00    £40 per person inc materials.

Suitable for ages 16+ years

Saturday 29th April
'Kite Making' with Ricki Outis
Flying kites is fun - run with the wind and feel your kite lift up in the air. Inspired by creatures (real or imaginary) we will make wonderful kites that fly in the slightest breeze.
Come along with your parent/guardian/grandparent or aunt/uncle to make your very own colourful kite and then test fly it in our sculpture garden. These kites really do fly! 
10:00 - 12:00 £12 per child inc materials. 
Accompanying adult free. 
Suitable for ages 4+ years. 

Haddenham Galleries

Haddenham Galleries  

Saturday 6th May 

'Paper Clay' with Hilary Kemp

Design, learn and create using basic aper cay making techniques. Adding paper pulp to clay allows you to be creative without having the difficulties of using ordinary clay. 

Hilary will inspire you to design and build your very own sculpture. Once finished, she will take away your finished work, fire it at 1 thousand degrees centigrade and then return it to the Galleries for collection. 

This will be messy - so please wear old clothes!

10:00 - 12:30 £20 per person inc materials.

Suitable for ages 6+ years.


Saturday 13th May

'An Eye for Detail'  Pen and Pencil with Ann Biggs

Learn to use pens, pencils and water soluble coloured pencils. Ann will bring her collection of natural history objects such as flowers, shells, feathers and more. Under her expert tuition, you will be amazed at your own artistic flare and will be able to take home a worthy master piece at the end of the day.

10:00 - 4:00  £35 per person inc materials 

£30 if you have your own materials

Suitable for ages 16+ years

Haddenham Galleries  

Saturday 27th May

'Needle Felting'  Woodland Animals with Alison Campling-Williams

Needle Felting is a craft using wool to make two and three dimensional  scultures. By repeatedly stabbing the wool with a barbed needle, the fibres quickly become matted and firm. The real joy of felting is that you don't need a pattern so your imagination can run free. 

Come to this workshop to learn an exciting new craft, and take your own unique bear home.

10:00 - 4:00  £40 per person inc materials. 

Suitable for  ages 16+ years


Saturday 3rd June

'Glass Fusion'  with Sarah Hunt

Back by popular demand. Come and enjoy a glass fusing experience with Sarah Hunt, a local glass artist.  You will make a 4 inch  tile or 4 small hangings. You will learn to cut glass, the different types of glass to use, and how to assemble your design ready for firing. Your work will be glues together, and returned for you to take home after firing. 

10:00 - 1:00  £40 per person inc materials

Suitable for ages 10+ years


Saturday 24th June

'Silk Paper Making'  with Debs Munford

Explore the wonderful and diverse qualities of silk. Experiment with embedding different fibres, leaves and flowers to create unique papers and learn how to transform these into 3D forms. 

10:00 - 4:00  £35 per person inc materials.

Suitable for ages 16+ years